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The Museum of Contemporary Furniture

The "Museum of Contemporary Furniture" was founded in Ravenna in

1988 by Raffaello Biagetti with the idea of ​​representing the crucial moments in the evolution of Italian and international industrial product, highlighting the nuances and contrasts through the different experiences that have generated and consolidated the idea of ​​contemporary design. It was an extremely innovative project for the time and with a strong didactic character, able to guide the viewer through an imaginary journey in the evolution of creativity applied to everyday objects produced on an industrial scale in a sort of magical balance between form and function and between technology and new forms of expression. Fundamental is the contribution and vision of great figures in the sector such as Dino Gavina, Ettore Sottsass, Ignazio Gardella as well as other authors and many companies that, thanks to their founders, have contributed to the creation of a theatre-like museum where each plinth is stage, a chapter of a book capable of returning a consistent, chronological and timely vision of the main players in the history of design.

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