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Raffaello Biagetti

Raffaello Biagetti was an eclectic and visionary figure, who started his figurative research in Santarcangelo di Romagna as a painter.
In 1950, The Biagetti Family, (Raffaello Biagetti and his brothers Alvaro and Aldo) started working with furniture and design, becoming one of the first design dealers and collectors in Italy.

In 1968 Raffaello Biagetti moved to Ravenna, where he started to design and produce his collections.

Sine Loco

In 1970 Raffaello Biagetti designed his first collection of objects “Sine loco” in 1970 (which means “No place”), a collection of furnitures in pine wood with pure linear shapes, whose idea was to work as a primitive man who builds his own objects.

Terrae e Arundine

The first experience, Sine Loco, led to a second collection in 1973 – “Terrae” and “Arundine", a collection of apparently poor terracotta objects, with furnitures on bamboo rods.

Ferro e Fuoco

In the 1989 Raffaello designed, in collaboration with Luigi Berardi, “Iron and Fire” (“Ferro e Fuoco”) a collection of all-black furniture produced by the Milanese company Album, inspired by the stories of the wood and the fire. The collection is composed by high-quality pieces, entirely hand-made by local artisans, realised to rediscover the materiality of objects in a uniqueness that distinguish every single piece.


In 1998 Raffaello Biagetti started to design and produce “Mostrilli”, a collection of tables made by unique pieces realised with antiques woods merged with hand-painted steel frames. The result was a theatrical dimension, with a unique expressivity, rich in charming and delicate allusions, now parts of important private collections.

Lamiere Crude

In 2007 Raffaello Biagetti designed his last collection for Memphis, produced by Memphis - Post Design in 2009, “Lamiere Crude” (Raw plates), a series of objects in leather and iron that provide an opening onto a very particular domestic scenario.